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Making art as an expression of self: A free excerpt from Sacred Objects

classes crystal marie Sep 09, 2021

I am a storyteller, both visually and in the written form. My mind is wired to relate to story and metaphor. It is in my very DNA.

When I'm in the car, my go to station is NPR. I like how they take a human interest approach to delivering the news, often with a deeper look at an individual's life. My insides light up when I listen. I can visualize myself being there and it helps me to connect what is happening half way around the world, to the every day existence of my own life. 

Many of my workshops are delivered in this way. Not just lessons and projects that demonstrate a technique and show how to do the thing you signed up to do, but delivered with my own stories as a narrative to help you begin to create works of art of your own that become deeply meaningful to you. 

When we allow ourselves to go deep in the studio, it shows up in the art we make. The energy we were feeling in the moment is visible in the stroke on the canvas and it translates to the viewer in a visceral way, whether we are there to explain the intent behind the work or not. The viewer is moved by the energy and emotion we've embed into the fiber of the work. 

Sacred Objects: Handmade Brushes and Incantation Bowls is one of those classes that the discussion goes deep. Originally taught live on Facebook, the conversations at the beginning of each lesson are still every bit as relevant to those taking the course today.

How do these vessels become our self-portraits, representing the containers of our own bodies? How do these handmade brushes become extensions or our arms, creating strokes that others can read as clearly as if we are standing there next to the work to translate it? How do we create work that is an authentic expression of what matters to us the most?

Check out the video above of the opening discussion for lesson 3, where I share a personal story and use it to illustrate these things and more. 

Find the course listing and registration information here. Early bird pricing ends on Sunday September 12th.

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