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Crystal Marie on the Startist Society Podcast

crystal marie Sep 09, 2021

I can't say enough good things about the podcast show that artists Nikki May and Laura Lee Griffin produce called Startist Society, focused on helping artists get out of their own way and get moving on building their art career. 

With the premise of the show being on how professional working artists got their own start in their art careers, the interview covered how I got my start as an artist, how I started teaching, got a book published and have one in progress, how I started (and named!) the group Canary Rising on Facebook, and so much more. 

Nikki and Laura are excellent podcasters, leading the conversations with ease and I am positively beaming over the way my interview turned out. 


Follow this link to the website for more about my interview and to hear the interview. Or look for Episode 40 of the Startist Society wherever you listen to your podcasts. I subscribe on Spotify and listen to them often in the studio. 

With gratitude,

Crystal Marie

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