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"I Am Eve" - What It Means To Use Your Voice As An Artist

classes creative writing crystal marie Sep 03, 2021

So often I encourage other artists to use their voices. I share in my workshops about letting the work speak, and allowing ourselves to use our own voice as we work, digging in and listening to our own intuition as a guide. 

But what does it even mean to use your voice as a visual artist?

When I work intuitively, I empty myself of a plan and allow myself to respond visually to the materials I plan to use. Listening to my own intuition begins when I gather ephemera, paint, and objects, with simple internal prompts:  "I like that." "Try this one." "Oh! I love that color!"

Not knowing what the thing will look like before I even begin does not mean I'm leaving my work to chance. It means that I am trusting that I have a message inside and I do not have to force it. I am trusting that those things I feel passionate about and the truths that I carry will emerge as I work. I am trusting myself and allowing the process to unfold, like a flower opening to the early morning light. 

I am the artist. This work is my voice. I can trust it to speak. I do not have to force it. 

When something I believe in, or something that I have unique perspective to see, is on my mind as I work, it emerges through the placement of materials and use of marks, almost as if it were magic. At any given time, the subconscious mind is operating in a synchronized dance with my hands. The movement is faster than the rational thinking part of my mind can perceive.

So I release. I breathe. I move my hands and allow my eye to inform me. 


"I am Eve" was created in just such a synchronized dance during the making of my workshop "Let Your Heart Speak". It is one of the projects that I bring to completion in the lessons of that course. But it was very much created in the intuitive way. Not knowing the end before the beginning. 

"I Am Eve" is a testament to the strength of a woman born. The imagery of the elements that surround her speaks to the divinity of her design. And also to the design of the system that would oppress her. "I Am Eve" is about and for hurting women everywhere. Her resilience is portrayed in her posture. Her colorful earring adorns her as one worthy of being seen.

A poem titled "Somewhere Between" emerged from the depths at nearly the same time. One day I will migrate posts from my old blog to this one, but for now, you can click through to read it at this link.


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