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Once by Jan Avellana Hongo

community poetry & prose Aug 30, 2021
artwork and image by Jan Avellana Hongo
a smudge,
a blur—
buttery edges that used to be my life,
i watch the ink seep into the fibers
staining them,
leaving a mark—
evidence that i was here,
that i breathed and bled
that I used to
be somebody,
alive and
-jan avellana hongo, august 2021
Canary Rising's very own Poet Laureate has written her response to this month's art challenge. Each month's theme is announced during the State of the Studio live conversation and art making in our group on Facebook.
This month's theme is "Transitions". 
Follow this link to join Canary Rising on Facebook to see all the art created for this month's challenge and more outstanding works from the Canary Rising community. 

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