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Sunrise On Bainbridge Island

creative writing crystal marie Mar 18, 2016
Sunrise On Bainbridge Island

This morning I woke in time to catch the sunrise. All week it's been either too early, or too late, or too rainy, or too cold.

But today, oh today!

I tried to capture it; this one spectacular moment, though I knew the camera would not do it justice:

The pink and blue streaked across the sky. The lights still twinkling over there in the city. The mountains silhouetted behind it. Water lapping at the shore below me and the birds trilling, singing, greeting, near shouting their appreciation all around me in a chorus of Hallelujah! Glorious! Glorious! Welcome! Welcome!

It takes patience to welcome the sun. It makes its grand appearance in its own sweet time. It slowly inches its way to the top of the mountain and then suddenly there it is! Blinding. Burning away the soft in a fire of golden light.

If for this one moment alone, I am glad to be in this place at this time. Bring it on day! We are going to do just fine.

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