"Roots are not in landscape or a country, or a people, they are inside you." ~Isabel Allende

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First we went wide, next we go deep.

Last year cast a wide net through six Master Class explorations in a variety of techniques and mediums. A fast and furious foray, allowing a dipping of the toe into the surface of each.

This year, We go deeper. Roots before wings... 

Six Individual Courses bundled into six units, this year long course will return to each of the Master Class studies and build off of them, allowing enough time to fully develop the ideas and concepts each one inspires. Honoring and nurturing the intuitive voice within, this course will bring about the artists fullest potential in both artistry, and depth of meaning.

If it takes 66 days to develop a habit . . .

And six months or more to master a new skill . . .

Imagine what a year of focused weekly study can do:

  • Explore both the breadth and the depth of each masterclass as we linger over lessons in weekly installments
  • Develop your skills and confidence as an artist, as you master specific techniques
  • Connect to the deeper meaning in your artwork and your art practice, and also...
  • Find a sense of connection and accountability to practice, through 16 live lessons, discussions and Q&A sessions on ZOOM
  • Discover your own unique style and voice as an artist through the commitment to weekly studio time
  • Discover how distinctly different mediums and materials can be a part of a single body of work
  • Combine techniques for a truly unique expression 
  • and more!

Here's what you get: 

  • Fifty two weekly lessons in a mix of prerecorded and live sessions!
  • Six prerecorded Master Class courses divided into six individual units 
  • Prerecorded Master Class lessons have been remixed, edited, and expanded to include extra tips, new images, and completed projects.
  • Average of 2.5 hours of meaningful content per week!
  • Journal prompts and book recommendations with each unit, delivered in live sessions and included in unit resources!
  • Opportunity to connect with other members by joining one brand new live discussion and Q&A session on Zoom per unit! (As the year progresses, those live discussions will be recorded and added to the appropriate unit for continued viewing)
  • One brand new live lesson on Zoom per unit (As the year progresses, those live discussions will be recorded and added to the appropriate unit for continued viewing)
  • PLUS: Four Live Deeper Conversations with Bonus content! (Each Bonus lesson will be added to the appropriate unit as a prerecorded lesson after it wraps) 
  • Total of 36 weeks of prerecorded content and 16 weeks of *live content!

*All live lessons, Q&A, and bonus lessons will be recorded and added to the units after they wrap. 

**Group support and community is always available to participants of my courses through our Facebook group Crystal Marie: Canary Rising. 

Purchase all six units for one bundled price and save!

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Unit 5: Wax, Paper, Scissors

Hot and cold wax combinations with paper

Techniques include both hot encaustic and cold wax painting with a special focus on paper as a substrate.

Compare, contrast, and combine these two luminous mediums in an exploration of the unique properties inherent to the nature of each one. 

Early Registration Pricing through 8/22/22

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Unit 4: Oracle Cards

Crafting Allegory, Archetypes, and Prophecy with Printmaking and Design

Techniques include tabletop printmaking, working with repeat patterns, and finding symbolic representation.

Taking the concept of listening to the artists intuition in the studio, and discovering the deeper messages held inside our bodies, participants will construct their own allegories and archetypes to create a personalized deck of Artists Oracle Cards.

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Unit 3: Shields

Encaustic Assemblage and Surface Design

Techniques include light assemblage construction, encaustic wax painting, and surface design.

Both project oriented, and technique driven, this class will help the student tap into their own unique interior world to create an artistic representation of what fuels, feeds, and frees them as a person and an artist. 

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Unit 6: Pleroma

Alternative Substrates and Sculptural Designs in Encaustic

Registration begins 9/30/22

Unit 2: Big and Little-Mastering the art of working large

Techniques covered: collage, composing on a large scale, finishing large works for display, and more!

The medium is my first love, paper and glue, the focus of this unit is on stretching the participant out of their comfort zone of working small into the realm of large works suitable for any show or gallery, with the confidence that comes from understanding how to scale up without losing the integrity of the design.

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Unit 1: Pensierie-Little thoughts with paper, fabric, and string

Techniques covered: surface design, momigami, stitching, dying & staining, burning, and more!

With a variety of elements in hand, we will create small fragments of art - incomplete in themselves, as if small thoughts or sections of a sentence. Journal prompts will inspire the participant to set their intentions for the coming year, either visually by incorporating these fragments of art into simple compositions, or written, or both. 

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"thank you again

for your generosity in sharing what you know.  I'm not a professional artist but I feel like I have actual strategies going forward to develop what I’m doing into a cohesive body of work that could be shown in public somewhere. ."

~ Jill R

"There’s just something about Crystal’s courses

that I can’t get enough of so here I am again. They never disappoint and always wear me out, lol!"

~Beth H

"Now I remember why I love these conversations.

Crystal, you are so authentic and refreshing. Truly inspiring!"

~ Christine M