Shields: Encaustic Assemblage and Surface Design. 

The course includes:

  • 6 Prerecorded Master Class lesson modules - remixed, remastered, reigniting your creative fire!
  • 1 live and interactive discussion and Q&A session
  • 1 additional lesson presented live!
  • PLUS a BONUS 3-hour live seminar that is like a complete workshop by itself!
  • Nine weeks of study to get your creative wheels engaged in 3D works and textural surfaces in wax!
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Shields: Encaustic Assemblage and Surface Design

In this workshop, we will have the opportunity to design our own shield. A symbolic representation of self. A physical object adorned with meaning to what empowers us to be our best, fullest, highest selves.  


Both project oriented, and technique driven, this class will help the student tap into their own unique interior world to create an artistic representation of what fuels, feeds, and frees them as a person and an artist.

Shield as protection, shield as identification, shield as adornment

Personal representation in 3D form

Shields: Encaustic Assemblage and Surface Design, will cover techniques in light assemblage construction, encaustic wax painting, and surface design.

Lesson modules outline for this course:

  • May 2: prerecorded lesson 1 opens. 
  • May 9th: Prerecorded lesson 2 opens. 
  • May 16th: Prerecorded lesson 3 opens. 
  • May 23rd: *LIVE Conversation and Q&A - this is your chance to bring your projects and your questions to the virtual table for real time feedback and community support! 
  • May 30th: prerecorded lesson 4 opens. 
  • June 6th: prerecorded lesson 5 opens. 
  • June 13th: prerecorded lesson 6 opens. 
  • June 20th: *LIVE LESSON - This lesson will expand on, and continue to explore, the techniques covered and allows the participant time to have follow up questions answered. 
  • June 27th: *BONUS LIVE SEMINAR! Four of the units in the Deeper Series are 9 weeks long and Shields Unit 3 is one of them!  

*All LIVE lessons and Q&A will be recorded and added to the course library in the appropriate module within 48 hours. 

**Group support and community is available to participants of my courses and members of my community through our Facebook group Crystal Marie: Canary Rising

Shields: Encaustic Assemblage and Surface Design

Shields: Encaustic Assemblage and Surface Design is an Individual Master Class Study available to purchase on its own, or bundled in the year long Deeper study - it includes all of the prerecorded lessons and live interactive sessions outlined above! 

**If you decide that you'd like to dive into the full year Deeper study once Shields is complete, I'll issue a credit equal to the Unit 3 course fee towards the full Deeper year long study purchase. 
(must be redeemed within 30 days after Unit 1 ends)

$150 for this unit of stud
$125 early registration thru 4/7/22

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Deeper: A Master Class study in 52 weeks

Like what you see here and ready to jump in with both feet? 

Divided into six units, this year long course bundles each of the six Master Class Courses of 2021 and builds off of them with 16 additional live sessions for a total of 52 weeks of content, allowing enough time to fully develop the ideas and concepts each one inspires. Honoring and nurturing the intuitive voice within, this course will bring about the artists fullest potential in both artistry, and depth of meaning.

$600 all six courses of study
(like buying 4 and getting 2 free!)

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