Discovering Your Intuitive Voice:

Through the art of collage

This is the class that started it all - the online teaching all that is. Way back in March of 2020, with feet barely back on the ground after my last in person workshop, I jumped on Facebook Live to talk about the impact of knowing I was heading home to self quarantine, which turned into a mandatory stay-at-home order at the start of the Pandemic. From this time, tucked inside my home studio, life changed rapidly, and this class became the silver lining of it all. 

More than just collage

With over 500 participants jumping in to participate in the live workshop, I learned the ins and outs of teaching online and discovered my own voice when it comes to teaching on this format in the process.

The class was a phenomenal experience for teacher and participant! 

It's all about learning to trust


Utilizing the art of collage, we learn to identify the messages that follow us into our creative spaces that either help us create or block us from trying. I call these messages my Intuitive Voice and my Art Critic. 
If you've not so much as taken a single art lesson, your messages may tell you that you aren't qualified to be an artist. If you have an art degree, your messages might be bent toward the rules you learned in school and can prevent you from breaking away from a "right way" and a "wrong way" to make art. 
Either way, it all boils down to control and trust. Learning to let go of the one, and lean into the other, and in the process creating art that is beyond what you were capable of by skills and technique alone. Art that is deeply satisfying on a personal level and worthy to be shown.


 This course includes:

  • seven videos total in this workshop
  • a prequel on gathering supplies even when supplies might not be readily available
  • 5 lessons + a wrap party
  • Each video ranges from one hour long to an hour and forty minutes, for a total of nearly 10 hours of creative inspiration!
  • Supply List available upon registration 
  • Self paced study with unlimited access to the classroom!


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