Collage School: Fodder Fever

Collage School: Fodder Fever

Is this a chicken or the egg thing? Did you fall in love with collage first or did you find you had a fever for the fodder? Hunters and gatherers for the love of all thing paper will agree, this question isn't as important as the joy it brings to arrange, compose, orchestrate and dream of all the possibilities a fresh stash of fodder can bring. 

Everything in Fodderation

Bring it all to the table: collected snippets, textiles, and fragments of salvaged materials, those found and gathered items are simply too hard to resist. It's all fair game for the collage and mixed media artist. 

But why stop there? I can't help myself, regardless of the medium I'm working in, somehow it always migrates to paper. And somehow those papers make their way into my fodder stash. 

In Collage School: Fodder Fever, you'll explore it all. Hunt and gather bits and pieces from salvaged and found materials, deconstruct old books, splish-splash and splatter, paint, stain, rust, crumple, knead and explore a variety of techniques for creating collage fodder.

Creating your own fodder allows you, the artist, to bring more of your own style, your own hand, your own energy your own voice and fullest self into your collage and mixed media work. 

It starts with a selection of six of my favorite prerecorded video lessons from various workshops. Then move on to ten edited recordings featuring a variety of techniques and encouragement filmed during a live online workshop to learn and create even more fodder. 

This collection includes 16 lesson videos in all!

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A variety of Techniques for your Mixed Media projects

This collection of 16 lessons covers a wide variety of techniques for creating collage fodder that can be translated to all of your mixed media projects. 

Six months of unlimited access to stream or download lessons for keeps. And bonus, these techniques easily translate to your other mixed media projects as well!

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • creating image transfers on a gel plate
  • the contemporary method of kneading paper known as Momigami
  • creating dyes and stains from acrylic paint.¬†
  • painted surface design on salvaged materials
  • Expanding on and combining some of the methods I‚Äôve used to create collage papers over the past three years.
  • A special emphasis on tactile and visual texture
  • Deconstructing Books and other Salvaged Materials-How to see the potential in discarded items.¬†
  • Introducing my own techniques, recipes, and favorite mediums for creating textures with plaster and paint
  • Recipes and techniques for creating rust stains, etc.
  • Permission giving to ones inner curiosity for taking an experimental approach as we remember it is ‚Äújust paper‚ÄĚ
  • Finding inspiration in the fragments and nonpermanent arrangements.
  • 5 minute warm up collage exercise
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"Working in my studio in silence, my eyes are hearing from the overflow of my heart. I have no words to express these yearnings and longings. They are known only to the Spirit. I move these scraps of paper around until there is a silent confirmation. Each one is a prayer. An offering. Perhaps a request or a blessing. a silent plea for mercy. grace. peace."


- Crystal Marie