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At Canary Rising we believe that true community is an ever-expanding circle that includes all experience levels and genres of creativity.

We come from all backgrounds and love the diversity that exists in the spectrum of humanity. We follow an inclusive “build a bigger table” model, where there is always a seat waiting for you!

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We are artists, we are poets, we are writers and musicians, we are truth speakers and change makers. We have important things to say and we are rising.


Sweet September Mornings

Each weekday morning during September 2020, found us gathering at the virtual studio table for a daily dose of inspiration, coupled with a short collage exercise designed to help the artist get out of their head and into the flow of working intuitively.

Find dozens of hours from this series, and more, to review whenever you need a creative lift- and it’s all free!

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The intuitive artist is the artist who trusts that her eye tells her what’s good. She allows for the fact that she has a story to tell through art but lets go of the notion that the story will be known before she starts working. It is not so much about learning a technique as it is learning to trust that you know what you know. It is letting go of a plan, letting go of expectations and creating in spite of your fear.


~ Crystal Marie, The Art of Expressive Collage

State of the Studio Conversations

A series featuring the true state of the studio! Not the prettied-up spaces we love to drool over in the magazines, but the real, the raw, the messy behind-the-scenes peek of the artful life, including art in progress, supply covered tablescapes, and evidence of the creative frenzy all over the floor! 

Here I share tours of the true state of my own studio, with a deeper conversation about living a more wholehearted, authentic, and creative life.  

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Canaries Love to Sing!

“You have helped me tremendously with the acknowledgement of those inner voices. I never really paid attention to them until I took your class, Big and Little. The class made me realize what was actually going on- why I would not enter my studio and find a million reasons why I shouldn’t do my art. I confronted them and I’ve been better at putting myself first instead of last. Thanks so much for what you have shared in that class and a few others.”


~Geri Brettmann

“The Canary Rising community of artists has given me a safe space to share my art and words. An audience is invaluable to artists, and I’m so very grateful for the kindness I find here at Canary Rising. It is a wonderful community of belonging for all artists!”


~Jan Avellana

“Who knew I could be a Canary, and what joy it has brought. A whole gathering of artists struggling and sharing exciting creative journeys together. It's not just the terrific lessons given but the chance to express our intents, our vulnerabilities and knowing we are in a safe, loving, non-judging community.”


- Canary Rising Member

“Twenty years ago, I left my art life behind thinking I would never return. I now have plans for expanding my exposure to more venues. Being a part of this art community at Canary Rising has amplified my love for making art and also for connecting with such a loving group of fellow artists.”


~ Christine Graf

“The classes have been transformative on so many different levels, encouraging us to really listen to ourselves and express our unique creative voice. Crystal’s message is so valuable whether you are just starting out or have been working on your craft for years.”


~ Mara Krummins

“It felt like I was connecting to you and to all of these other creatives in a special way as we were making our art and navigating the COVID craziness. You created this nurturing and soulfully elevated place for us to commune through our collages. You shared yourself in videos and thoughtful comments and it continues to be inspiring. Thank you!”


~ Eloise Shelton-Mayo

“Canary Rising offers so much support and freedom to just "be" and Crystal's classes open a door to what's going on inside the creative heart that allows one to bring thoughts and ideas to life with freedom. Love it all.”


~Re Kielar

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