Hold Dear: To value highly; to care about greatly, be fond of, be attached to, cherish, or to prize


“Take refuge in your senses, open up
to all the small miracles you rushed through.”
~ John O'Donohue

A Hand Is To Hold


It is said that Aristotle saw the hand as the "tool of tools".  Universally, the hand represents our humanity; to see the "hand of the artist" in a work of art testifies to the unique characteristics of the artist. It may denote the energy of the stroke, the imperfect nature of handmade that gives the work value.

In traditional Folk Art, the heart in hand design represents charity, generosity, friendship, love, and truth. 

Commonly referred to as Hamsa; the eye in the palm of the hand generally represents protection in many a religious tradition. 

We bless with the hand, offer gifts from the hand, lend a hand to help, shake hands in affection and contract, join hands in marriage and acts of solidarity, pledge allegiance with the hand, swear oaths by the hand, and greet our neighbors with a wave of the hand.  

Hands are used to gather, to create, to comfort, to unite, to cherish, and to impart our gratitude for all that we Hold Dear

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Hold Dear: Sculptural Assemblage and Symbolic Design

  • Now available as a self paced course with nine individual lesson videos!
  • Downloadable PDF hand template
  • Finishing options include with and without the use of encaustic wax medium!
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Centering around a review of the symbolism of the hand, this class will examine our personal connection to the objects we gather, significance of the motifs we gravitate towards, and the memories they evoke; those things we Hold Dear in life, to combine them in a visual representation emblematic of our own meaning and values.

Working from a downloadable PDF template, this workshop covers a variety of techniques to create your choice of a 2D (for the wall) or 3D (free standing) sculptural assemblage from a humble foundation of recycled materials; incorporating surface design and found/collected objects to create a personally and symbolically meaningful work of art.

Part 1: 3 videos covering Prep and construction:

  • Discussion of symbolism and storytelling through design
  • Finding your own symbolic meaning in the objects and motifs you gravitate to
  • Constructing simple objects from cardboard
  • Constructing 2D or 3D Sculpture from cardboard
  • Creating simple and reliquary style openings

Part 2: 4 videos covering Finishing and completion:

  • Discussion on working meaning into the surface design
  • Attaching and embedding objects
  • Creating surface design with collage, paint, and other media
  • Completing the sculptural work with and without the use of encaustic wax

PLUS two follow up videos!

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BONUS WORKSHOP, unlimited access, a private group and opportunity to interact with peer participants on and off Facebook!

*Both the hold dear workshop and the BONUS workshop are hosted offsite and not accessed through the Canary Rising website. 

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Bonus! Shields: Encaustic Assemblage

Originally recorded live as part of the Shields: Encaustic Assemblage Deeper course, this four part course continues the conversation of creating symbolic meaning with found and collected objects. The lessons cover construction of a  shield structure from recycled materials, how to make encaustic gesso from household primer, surface design, attaching objects securely, and constructing a frame. 

PLUS you'll get a half hour Encaustic Basics video covering studio setup, equipment & tools, safety concerns, and basic application of encaustic medium. 

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*Both the Hold Dear workshop and the BONUS workshop are hosted offsite and not accessed through the Canary Rising website.

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Important General Information:

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  • Please notify me at [email protected] if your preferred email address is not the same one you used to register for the course. 
  • Unlimited Access: Both the Hold Dear workshop and the Bonus workshop are hosted offsite and not accessed through the Canary Rising website. The dedicated blog and Facebook group will remain open for review of lesson content and continued community and instructor support.
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Hold Dear Course Details:

  • HOLD DEAR was recorded live in the private Facebook group and is now available to you as a self paced course.
  • You must have a facebook account to participate in the private group community.
  • Details and link for joining the private Facebook group will be emailed to you upon registration.  
  • The private Facebook group is your place to share pictures and receive feedback on your work, interact with other participants, and of course, view the live lessons. 
  • Full unedited recordings of the live lessons can be accessed inside the Facebook group AND edited videos of these lessons are available on the private Hold Dear blog.
  • A complete index of all lessons for the HOLD DEAR workshop and the Bonus workshop, plus the supply list is pinned to the top of the blog.

Bonus Shields Course Details: 

  • This four part course PLUS the Encaustic Basics video will be available upon receipt of the welcome letter to the Hold Dear mailing list and private blog. Be sure to check your spam folder if you haven't received this letter within 24 hours of registration.
  • The Hold Dear blog is a private blog exclusively for participants of this workshop. Please do not share the link you are provided. 
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Together the Hold Dear Course and the Bonus Course total over 7 hours of content and include unlimited access!



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