Object of My Affection


Object of My Affection

This workshop will guide you through creating beautiful, functional art, from trash to treasure, through my unique process of painting on glass and metal with encaustic wax. Starting with a good raid of the recycle bin, I'll show you how to turn these humble items into beautiful vessels you'll be proud to display on your dining room table or filled with supplies in your studio!

 Working through the techniques presented in this course the finished project is sure to turn heads when you share its humble beginnings. Whether you’ve had previous experience in using encaustic wax medium, or you’re brand new to the process, you’ll find these lessons easy to follow and plenty of information to get your basic wax station setup.

Techniques will include how to properly adhere encaustic wax to alternative supports (glass and metal), painting with pigmented medium to create your design, incising into the wax, adding accretion, using stencils & masks, and utilizing pigments to bring out the details on the surface of your work.

I’ll walk you through each of these techniques as I create three different vessels on glass during the course of this workshop.

Plan to be so inspired that you’ll be raiding the recycle bin as you plan your holiday gift list!

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