Subliminal Symbology

 Canary Rising is pleased to present

 Subliminal Symbology

Join guest artist Amanda Jolley in this visually stunning, transformative and contemplative journey of deeper artistic expression. 

Diving below the liminal threshold into the subconscious, we will rely on the knowledge held in the physical body to create in a series. In the process, we flesh out the inner language through symbols and line-work.

This workshop is an intertwining of a practice in contemplation and intuitive painting.

To set a contemplative state, we will create a sacred space and practice somatic movement to settle both the body and mind. While this settling is percolating in our spirits, we will delve into abstract expressionism with our paintings.

The instruction will guide us in pushing past the ‘ugly’ painting, or sense of negative judgment about one’s work. 

No matter your style of painting, learn to better attune to your inner language and release from attachments and perfectionism that inhibit your painting process.

If you frequently find yourself stuck, questioning the value of your work, struggling with your inner critic, or procrastinating getting into the studio, this course will be a pivotal part of growth in your creative process.

Working in a series, we will establish a color palette for the work; taking note of color combinations out in the world, in your wardrobe, in type and other artwork, and in nature.

Amanda will guide you each step of the way, as you focus on building layers and history in your work.

Kansas City-based painter, Amanda Jolley, works mainly with encaustic and paper, although her painting roots are deep in acrylic and collage. The inspiration for her work comes from observation of the patterns and story found in every day life, and how they complement and often mirror the connections in the brain and processing of subconscious thought. She has also noticed a distinct connection between bodily knowing and intuition and has developed a practice of trusting her body to inform her process of abstract painting. 

Without formal education in art, Amanda’s artistic training has been intentional; finding artists whose work compels her and then studying under them. She also regularly meets and works with other artists to propel process, ideas, and larger artistic vision. She is a member of the Kansas City Artists Coalition, the International Encaustic Artists, and Origami USA. Amanda’s paintings are shown internationally both in solo and group exhibits. Her solo exhibits have each involved the combination of origami and encaustic. She has also been juried into many group shows since 2009 extending from Kansas City to Ivry Sur Seine, France. She also has a large-scale (12×6 sq ft) commissioned permanent installation at the University of Kansas Medical Hospital.

Amanda began teaching from her home studio in 2009, creating her own courses and a year long art journaling curriculum, the Joy Journal Project. These experiences led to teaching at such venues as EncaustiCamp, Art & Soul, as well as workshops at privately owned studios by invitation, and most recently, the online encaustic course, Painting with Fire. Amanda continues to teach regularly from her spacious studio in Kansas City MO where she draws an international audience for both her own instruction and for guest artists she hosts.

Additional Course Details: 

  • Seven lesson modules, 11 breathtaking videos
  • Supply List is available in the course classroom at time of registration 
  • This workshop is a self-paced, prerecorded course
  • Unlimited access to the classroom
  • no deadline to complete
  • work through each lesson at your own pace and review as needed time and again! 

$150.00 USD

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to set up my user ID and password through the email I will receive after registration in order to access my course library (applicable to first time users).
  • I understand this course includes unlimited access with no time limit for the study, and thus, is non-refundable and not transferable. 
  • I understand that my studio is likely to show signs of creative enjoyment when I participate in this course and agree to practice as often as possible, because it's good for my soul and my personal development! (smile)
  • I agree to review the TOS page and abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the legal mumbo jumbo it contains