Cardboard Substrates with Encaustic Video Collection

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Discover how compatible encaustic wax is with cardboard as a substrate in this combo pack of video lessons covering everything you need to know to create meaningful works of art and fun custom designs. 

Here's What You Get: 

Two different approaches to using cardboard as a substrate for your encaustic and mixed media projects presented in 8 lesson videos.

Plus a bonus video on encaustic basics for those who are new to the medium. 

Over 5 1/2 hours of technique and project oriented lessons!

Project 1: Cardboard Shields

Originally filmed live as a bonus lesson in my Shields: Encaustic Assemblage and Surface Design, this project will take you step-by-step through the process of creating substrates from salvaged cardboard (shipping boxes are great for this purpose!) to create deeply symbolic and meaningful works of art in 3 different designs.

  • Project 1 Part 1: A 31-minute introduction, review, and demo of constructing cardboard substrates with multiple options presented for designs to create.
  • Project 1 Part 2: A 32-minute lesson covering the use of encaustic gesso, creating a suitable gesso from Latex household primer and mineral powder, and tinting the gesso for color under the wax layer. 
  • Project 1 Part 3: A 33-minute lesson continuing to design the cardboard shields, Adding details as under layers, cutting openings into the surface, adding the wax to the surface.
  • Project 1 Part 4: A 33-minute lesson attaching objects with wax, finishing with a pigmented glaze on the surface of the wax, creating a frame from salvaged cardboard and attaching hanging hardware for display are all discussed and demoed in the video.

Project 2: Wall Doodles: Sculptural designs in encaustic and cardboard:

Originally recorded as the first project in my 2021 course Pleroma: Alternative Substrates and Surface Design, this project will bring your doodles to life, in sculptural and fun works of art to adorn your home with this project featuring the use of cardboard and Encaustic wax. 

  • Project 2 Part 1: A 25-minute video This project begins with the construction of the wall doodle, including troubleshooting the design and creating dimensional non-traditional shapes
  • Project 2 Part 2: A 17-minute lesson reviewing gesso, tinting gesso, and how to utilize standard cardboard to create your substrate when the thicker honeycomb cardboard isn't available.  
  • Project 2 Part 3: A 25-minute lesson reviewing the encaustic station and basic supplies and safety measures to be mindful of. It then moves into the basic application of encaustic wax on the cardboard surface.
  • Project 2 Part 4: A 36-minute lesson covering the application of encaustic wax medium as a base layer, pigmented encaustic wax, and creating a glaze or wash over the entire surface of the work from roof patch tar. 

PLUS A 27-minute BONUS video!

  • Covering the basic setup and encaustic wax painting for those who are new to the medium. 

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Please review this information for all the details you need to access the collection. 

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