Painted Fabric Collage

Create dreamy dyed fabric elements with paint, adorn with surface design, and learn to make beautiful textile collage art in one course!

Dreamy dyed textiles without the fuss

Love the look of natural dyed materials but find the process intimidating? Don't have access or room to gather equipment, forage for plant materials, or have limited time to create? This course was designed with you in mind! 

Painted fabric collage will walk you through creating beautiful dyed textiles and adding interest with surface design using paint you probably already have in your studio!

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Working in the flow state...


This course takes the mystery out of working intuitively as an artist with a lesson on the basic principals governing composition and design, with demos to encourage you to let go of thinking about the rules, trusting yourself in the process, and working in the creative flow.

Learn what makes each design work after the creative process, understand the difference between discernment and distraction, and allow your own curiosity to lead you to create beyond what you thought you were capable of!

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Three lesson units, 19 video lessons covering everything you need to know from gathering supplies, sourcing fabrics, to composing and finishing a beautiful textile collage, in easy to follow step-by-step instruction. Self-paced course, no deadline to complete, and unlimited access means you can slow down and work at your own pace whenever it fits your schedule!

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Lis S.

"Loving your inviting & inspiring lessons as usual Crystal, thank you! They always make the day feel brighter, even when I can't do my own work on the lesson just yet."

Hilde M.

"I loved this workshop! Thank you so much, Crystal Marie! So inspiering 🙌🏻 Beautiful collages made of the dyed fabrics."