Portfolios: Developing an art practice in collage mixed media

Are you ready to take it to the next level? 

This thing that started out as a hobby, the thrill of gathering ephemera and found materials, the way it stirs your senses and pulls you in to the depths of other people’s stories, the glide of a good adhesive across the paper as you work, the thrill of seeing a composition develop out of ordinary, everyday detritus, into something worthy of being called art, it’s kind of addicting, isn’t it?

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I know that feeling well.

The satisfaction of bringing new life to a stash of discarded and found papers. Connecting to the deeper meaning and the history of the elements, seeing your own stories emerge in the abstract arrangement. It all feels so good! 

Whether for personal development or professional practice, this course will help you take your love of the art of collage mixed media to the next level - whatever the next level is for you!

Sometimes an artist just needs a little guidance.

This course is like having a mentor to get you to the next level.

Discussion points and demos to include:

  • Creating work in a series
  • Developing a cohesive body of work
  • How to know when you’re ready to show or sell your work
  • How to finish a work on paper for a professional presentation
  • How to turn your passion for collage/mixed media into a body of work ready to present to a gallery or enter in an exhibition
  • How to develop and own your own style as an artist
  • Copyright concerns to be mindful of and how to interpret the rules in a way that doesn’t inhibit your creative freedom
  • and more!

Here's what you get: 

  • This workshop was  originally presented live. Sessions were recorded and now available as a self-paced course which includes:
  • Pre-recorded prep lessons 
  • Two recorded live sessions
  • Session one was an informative, instructional conversation, and technique/demo driven session
  • Session two was a follow up Q&A/discussion driven session
  • PLUS: A bonus session three, which was recorded with demonstration of accountability groups and body doubling as tools to increase productivity and achieve goals.
Yes! I'm Ready!

"You are an inspiration! 

I need to listen to this over and over again. Thank you for being so open and for sharing. I am sureyou have and will help countless people."

~ Gaye S

"What began as an idea

for 5 small encaustic collage pieces grew into a summer of endless appreciation . . . 23 pieces and growing. I feel that this is a collection that will span years and never cease for me. This is a testament for what a wonderful inspirational leader and group can do!"

~Nicki K

"Her light shines bright

and invites each of us to allow our own creative spark to shine Thank you Crystal for your Canary Rising group and all of the inspiration and encouragement that you have shared so generously"

~ Bosha S