Sacred Objects

"In the Japanese tradition, every object has a soul and contains the energy of the user" ~ Marie Kondo

In Sacred Objects, we will approach the art of creating handmade bowls and brushes with reverence to the connection between all that the artist contains within them and how the work of their hands becomes a sacred offering - a sublime experience of making. 

 In the course of this workshop, we will create two styles of handmade brushes, one using the participants own hair or that of a loved one, and the other from natural and found materials.
While the focus of the workshop is not about the art of mark-making, several exercises will be included to help orient the participant to approaching that art form. As one becomes more connected to the writing instrument they've created with their own hands, the instrument becomes an extension of one's own soul. 
 In addition to the brushes we will be creating, we will be making our very own Incantation Bowls. You may also refer to them as Meditation Bowls. Inspired by Sue Monk Kidds latest novel, The Book Of Longings, where a key component of the story was the gift of an incantation bowl to the main character in which she inscribed the words of a prayer for what she most longed for inside. As a meditation practice, those words would be sung or chanted as the fingers traced the words inside the bowl. A way of setting intentions, containing longings too big to be spoken to another, or simply holding the gratitude one wants to remember to hold onto in difficult times.  
As an art form, Sacred Objects will equip you to approach your work with a 3D sculptural sensibility and with a reverence for the simple object to become a spiritual symbol or meditational tool. 
Each bowl and brush crafted during the course of this workshop will be an expression of the artist, not a mere copy of the teacher. 
The items covered will include: 
  • crafting brushes in a sturdy manner 
  • creating bowls and adorning them with materials such as: 
    • plaster cloth
    • paper clay
    • natural and found materials
    • ephemera 
    • fabric 
    • paint
    • ink 
    • Encaustic Wax
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