Small Scale Assemblage

Create meaningful sculptural work on an intimate scale, while creating strong connections between elements with jewelry making techniques and paperclay!

Small Scale Big Potential

Whether your desire is to create assemblages from old vintage materials or organic natural elements. Whether you wish to display your work as sculpture or hang it on the wall. Create work on an intimate scale as a wearable art form, or incorporate unique objects into a collage composition. These lessons have got you covered!

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Sculptural Adornment


From the basic flat stack and the cold connections to hold everything together, to utilizing Paperclay as support and compliment to the stability and design, to imparting your own meaning and stories, Small Scale Assemblage is a comprehensive course covering it all! With an emphases on creating secure long-lasting connections between disparate elements, you'll gain the confidence to personalize these lessons to your own unique objects and style!  

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Confidence Gathered and Gained! 

Five lesson modules, containing 6 sub-modules and 26 videos, this comprehensive course is designed to give you the confidence to create unique works of art with secure connections from found, salvaged, and natural organic materials.   Self-paced course, no deadline to complete, and unlimited access means you can slow down and work at your own pace whenever it fits your schedule!

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Robin B.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Small Scale Assemblage lessons! I feel such connections to the materials you use and the art you produce. You have a great way of guiding the student into choosing materials and carrying out the work. While I have a lovely collection of objects to work with, I am quite disorganized in my planning and work habits so I have found your instruction beneficial. I look forward to going back to the beginning and viewing all the videos again."