Wax, Paper, Scissors: Hot and cold wax combinations with paper

The course includes:

  • 6 Prerecorded Master Class lesson modules - remixed, remastered, reigniting your creative fire!
  • 1  discussion/demo and Q&A session recorded live
  • 1 additional lesson presented live!
  • PLUS a BONUS 3-hour live seminar that is like a complete workshop by itself!
  • Nine weeks of study focused on the interplay of both cold wax and hot encaustic wax with paper and mixed media. Compare, contrast and combine, possibilities are endless!
  • New lesson opens each Monday of September and October.
  • Unlimited access to the classroom with no need to rush. Live lessons will be recorded and uploaded so you'll be able to access and view each lesson at your leisure, time and again!
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Wax, Paper, Scissors: Hot and Cold Wax Combinations with paper

This class takes a deep dive into the realm of painting with wax medium. Whether hot encaustic, or cold wax, compare, contrast, and combine these two luminous mediums in an exploration of the unique properties inherent to the nature of each one. 

When combined with wax, the potential of paper is seemingly limitless. Painted on the surface, or absorbed deep into the fibers, the interplay of wax and paper is unlike any other paint medium, creating translucent layers, or covering over those below. We will discover the unique challenges and rewards to creating works on paper which can easily be mounted to panel or framed. Take a special glimpse into other processes utilizing paper as the substrate such as monoprinting with encaustic wax.

The techniques presented in this course will give you the confidence to explore, allowing your intuition to guide you to create work that is personal, symbolic, and deeply meaningful.

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Deeper: A Master Class study in 52 weeks

Wax, Paper, Scissors can be purchased individually or bundled as a part of the six course Deeper series. 

Divided into six units, this year long study bundles each of the six Master Class Courses together for a total of 52 weeks of content, allowing enough time to fully develop the ideas and concepts each course inspires. Honoring and nurturing the intuitive voice within, the Deeper six course study will bring about the artists fullest potential in both artistry, and depth of meaning.

$600 all six units of study
(like buying 4 and getting 2 free!)

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