Unleashing Creative Freedom

Join artist Natalie Dadamio on an expedition to unleashing your own creative freedom! 

Unlock a deeper conversation and connection to the intuitive self through expressive mark making and intuitive painting.

Investigate what it means to connect more intimately to your marks, memories, and movements by exploring your relationship to energy, emotions, and intuition.

Instruction will focus on a series of small experimental exercises, developing layers, and creating a series of small mixed media works on paper.

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Working with paper's resilience we connect to our own inner resilience.`

This class is an experimental permission slip to go places you may have been hesitant to go in your art, to finding a deeper connection to yourself and your work, to facing fears and inner limitations, and to simply just have fun!

Natalie will guide you each step of the way, as you focus on finding creative freedom and connection through mark making and intuitive painting to complete a series of small mixed media works on paper.

Get closer to your unique expression of visual language in Unleashing Creative Freedom!

  • This¬†course is a feature length exploration¬†loaded with¬†nearly 5 1/2 hours of process and demos in over 50 videos!
  • Access lessons and review as often as you wish to continue your journey to creative freedom!
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Additional Course Details: 

  • Supply List is available in the course classroom at time of registration.¬†¬†
  • Seven units covering everything from course introduction, review of supplies, mark making exercises, technique, process and practice!
  • nearly 5.5 hours of pre-recorded self-paced video content.
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the classroom.
  • no deadline to complete.
  • work through each lesson at your own pace and review as needed time and again!¬†
  • The Classroom is Open!¬†¬†
$150 Registration 
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Meet Your Instructor

Natalie Dadamio is a mixed media artist living and working in Upstate, New York.

Her contemporary and expressive style of artwork seeks to create a conversation through colors, marks, and her naturally vivid nature. She desires to create emotional landscapes that seek to create raw, energetic, bold, colorful, and polarizing points of view.

She is interested in investigating her emotions and uncovering the transformations that can occur through the creative and art making process. In her mixed media artwork, there is a childlike wonder and spiritual nature that is present, yet at times a more primal energy presents itself and makes itself known through her many expressive and emotional explorations.

She is ultimately committed to the magnitude of the process itself, which is ever revealing, creating many revelations, space and places, to take refuge in.

She brings a lot of passion, heart and soul to teaching and coaching others into their own unique authentic expressions in art and life. In her classes you can expect to be challenged in an emotional way that helps bring you deeper into your marks, moments and self.

She believes in expressing and speaking into all sides of the emotional waters of life and letting that influence, inform and accentuate how we create and move deeper into our own work which in turn brings more freedom to the creative process.