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In any given class that I teach, you'll learn a plethora of techniques and design concepts specific to that medium, while each one leads you to a deeper understanding of how to take the technical stuff and turn it into that deeply personal, meaningful work of art, your heart yearns to make.

All courses are jammed-packed full of instruction. My style is to give you not only the basics but to give you the full spectrum to get your idea wheels turning and become immersed in the process.

Deeper: A Master Class Study

Divided into six units, this year long course covers each of the six Master Class Courses of 2021 and builds off of them with 16 additional live sessions for a total of 52 weeks of content, allowing enough time to fully develop the ideas and concepts each one inspires. Honoring and nurturing the intuitive voice within, this course will bring about the artists fullest potential in both artistry, and depth of meaning.

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Deeper Master Class Courses available:

Purchase all six Master Classes in one bundle through the Deeper Study link above, or select as individual courses to suit your area of interest below...

Wax, Paper, Scissors: Hot and Cold Wax Combinations with paper

Registration now open for Wax, Paper, Scissors; a Master Class study available for purchase individually, or bundled with all 6 Master Classes of the Deeper Study. 

Course begins September 5th, 2022.

Early Registration Pricing through 8/22/22!

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Artist's Oracle Cards: Crafting Allegory, Archetypes, and Prophecy with Printmaking and Design

Registration now open for Artist's Oracle Cards, a Master Class study available for purchase individually, or bundled with all 6 Master Classes. 

First lesson releases July 4th

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Shields: Encaustic assemblage and surface design

Registration now open for Shields, a Master Class study available for purchase individually, or bundled with all 6 Master Classes. 

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Big and Little: Mastering the art of working large

Registration now open for Big and Little, a Master Class study available for purchase individually, or bundled with all 6 Master Classes.

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Pensierie: Little thoughts with paper, fabric, and string

Registration open for Pensierie, a Master Class study available for purchase individually or bundled with all 6 Master Classes.

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More Self Paced Courses Available:

Unlimited access, no deadline, work through each lesson and develop your skills according to your own schedule. 

Nushu: The Secret Language of Women

Literally interpreted as "Women's writing", Nushu is a language of sisterhood, sorrow, and dreams, created and used exclusively by women.

Nushu women shared their most intimate longings in written form and song. Born of a time of oppression, the calligraphy like stroke of each syllable created an indelible record of their most intimate emotions and laments on such items as scrolls, books, quilts, and fans. 

In this course, participants will create their own visual secret language through intuitive mark-making, staining, rusting,  deconstruction, stitching, and repair. Final project will bind individual compositions together into a beautiful scroll or altered book.

New Lower Pricing!

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Portfolios: Developing an art practice

This course will assist you in determining what the next level is for you, while honing your skills as a collage mixed media artist.

Now only $65!

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Let Your Heart Speak

Let Your Heart Speak will focus on three very distinct techniques – monoprinting, collage making, and encaustic wax painting, all brought together to an exciting conclusion.

 Now only $55!

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Sacred Objects

Approach the art of creating handmade bowls and brushes with reverence to the connection between all that the artist contains within them and how the work of their hands becomes a sacred offering - a sublime experience of making.

Now only $45! 

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Self Paced Seminars and Minis

Bite sized courses to whet your appetite and satisfy your creative longings

Discovering Your Intutive Voice

The Class that started it all - the online teaching, all that is. And the one that will help you dig in and learn what it means to listen to your own intuitive voice.
Best of all - it's FREE

Classroom Opens April 11th

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Shadows and Shrines

Learn the traditional method of Momigami in this project oriented, technique driven course.

Now only $35!

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Momigami Seminar

Technique driven course covering the art of kneaded paper in both, the traditional art of Momigami and the contemporary method.

Now Only $35!

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Other Places I'm Teaching


Painting with Fire 2022

52 Weeks of encaustic instruction - 26 top encaustic instructors!

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Crystal Marie, Deeper now on Substack

Many an artist’s bio begins with a similar tale of knowing they were an artist from the time they were old enough to hold a crayon. The truth for me was that I had always been a writer. 

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But what glue do you use?

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My go-to favorite adhesive is a blend of two products that I mix to get the just right consistency I appreciate from my glue. Get a free downloadable copy of the recipe and give it a try!

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