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In any given class that I teach, you'll learn a plethora of techniques and design concepts specific to that medium, while each one leads you to a deeper understanding of how to take the technical stuff and turn it into that deeply personal, meaningful work of art, your heart yearns to make.

All courses are jammed-packed full of instruction i. My style is to give you not only the basics but to give you the full spectrum to get your idea wheels turning and become immersed in the process.

Portfolios: Developing an art practice in collage mixed media

Are you ready to take your passion for collage to the next level? This course will assist you in determining what the next level is for you, while honing your skills as a collage mixed media artist in a hybrid mix of live Zoom sessions, exclusive private facebook group, and selected pre-recorded videos.

Class size is limited to 50!

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Momigami  Seminar

Beautiful art starts with beautiful materials and the best materials are created by the artist's very own hands. Welcome to Momigami Seminar, where you'll learn this ancient Japanese craft with modern applications!

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Let Your Heart Speak

In every class I teach, I start from an intuitive place in an effort to free the student participant from their own internalized creative blocks. Let lose of the control in your art and let your inner artist's intuitive voice out. 

Let Your Heart Speak will focus on three very distinct techniques – monoprinting, collage making, and encaustic wax painting, all brought together to an exciting conclusion.

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Object of My Affection


This workshop will guide you through creating beautiful, functional art, from trash to treasure, through my unique process of painting on glass and metal with encaustic wax. Starting with a good raid of the recycle bin, I'll show you how to turn these humble items into beautiful vessels you'll be proud to display on your dining room table or filled with supplies in your studio!

Plan to be so inspired that you’ll be raiding the recycle bin as you plan your holiday gift list!

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Sacred Objects

In Sacred Objects, we will approach the art of creating handmade bowls and brushes with reverence to the connection between all that the artist contains within them and how the work of their hands becomes a sacred offering - a sublime experience of making. 


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But what glue do you use?

Creative minds want to know!


My go-to favorite adhesive is a blend of two products that I mix to get the just right consistency I appreciate from my glue. Get a free downloadable copy of the recipe and give it a try!

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