A Language known only to your heart 

Interpret your deepest longings into visual poetry and prose through asemic mark-making, intuitive stitching, surface design, deconstruction, and repair.

Nushu: The Secret Language of Women 

Literally interpreted as "Women's writing", Nushu is a language of sisterhood, sorrow, and dreams, created and used exclusively by women.

Nushu women shared their most intimate longings in written form and song. Born of a time of oppression, the calligraphy like stroke of each syllable created an indelible record of their most intimate emotions and laments on such items as scrolls, books, quilts, and fans. 

Inspired by the concept of creating a Secret Language to emote the experiences of life,  participants of this course will create a visual dialogue using fabric, stitching, textures, images, and more to create their own visual diary.

Gather and Create

Bringing to the table collected snippets, textiles, and fragments of  salvaged materials, foundations will be laid for the creation of a personal visual language, as we explore the symbolic meaning and deeper stories they bring to mind. 

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Perfectly Imperfect

Paper, cloth, canvas, ink, thread, an intuitive expression of the artists soul. Lean in to the voice within to compose materials and surface design. This language does not need words. 

The objective is not perfection. We'll obliterate, tear, smudge, stain and repair throughout the process. Expressive marks on weathered substrates embody the heart and individual journey of each artist.

Each created remnant is a work of art on its own. Bound together they become an artist book or scroll.

A visual record of wordless prayer.


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What you'll get:

  • Course is divided into seven lesson modules with a total of 28 tutorial videos, hours of content to guide you in creating your own visual secret language.
  • Lessons cover everything you need to create a complete book or scroll (student choice)
  • Techniques demonstrated will include:
  • Sourcing, deconstruction, and preparing materials-fabric and paper
  • simple dying, staining, and rusting
  • intuitive stitching or mark-making with thread
  • mark-making with ink and drawing media
  • deconstructing, texturizing, sculpting of textiles
  • assembling & composing individual signatures (pages)
  • binding individual signatures into a book or scroll (both will be demonstrated)
  • And more
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"Working in my studio in silence my eyes are hearing from the overflow of my heart. I have no words to express these yearnings and longings. They are known only to the Spirit. I move these scraps of paper around until there is a silent confirmation. Each one is a prayer. An offering. Perhaps a request or a blessing. a silent plea for mercy. grace. peace."


- Crystal Marie