Construct: Art and Assemblage

Elevate your art using simple assemblage techniques

Let your art and intuition take the lead

From gathering piles of possibilities, to looking for meaningful connections between your artwork and the objects you love to collect, this course will walk you through the process of allowing the work to take the lead. 

Out of the box or in it?

Construct: Art and Assemblage is a comprehensive course that will guide you start to finish through the process of creating beautiful assemblages presented in seven unique projects, with a nod to Joseph Cornell and Hannelore Baron's box assemblages.

  • Utilize traditional artist cradled panels as support or box for your assemblage
  • create simple cradled¬†panels, or inner support frames, customized to your own needs
  • Compose assemblages in salvaged and vintage boxes
  • learn deconstruction techniques to reconstruct antique and vintage boxes as a frame to compliment your work
  • think outside of the box with simple assemblage elements

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33 lesson videos covering 7 complete projects 

This self-paced course includes a total of 33 lesson videos with techniques and inspiration presented through seven unique start to finish assemblage projects.

Unlimited access to the classroom and no deadline to complete, means you can work through each lesson at your own pace and review as needed time and again! 

Registration $99

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