Deeper Unit 2 includes Master Class Big and Little: Mastering the art of working large. Six Master Class lessons, remixed, remastered, reigniting your creative fires!

The unit also includes:

  • 1 live and interactive discussion and Q&A session
  • 1 additional lesson presented live!
  • Eight weeks of study to help you push past the barriers that keep you from taking your work to the next level, whether that is for professional purposes or personal fulfillment.
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Big and Little: Mastering the art of working large

This class will help you stretch out of your comfort zone of working small, into the realm of creating large works suitable for any show or gallery, with the confidence that comes from understanding how to scale up without losing the integrity of the design.

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Grow your work and your creative imagination!

Step by step, this class will show you the way

Unit 2, Big and Little: Mastering the art of working large, will dare you to let go of expectations and ignore the rules to infuse freedom into your creativity and help you tap in to that intuitive voice as your personal guide. 

Beginning with a series of small works created spontaneously and working up in scale incrementally, we will turn our focus to a more intentional placement of elements from that same place of freedom, while learning tips, tricks, and techniques from a professional point of view. Whether for personal or professional development, this class will help you grow as an artist

Lesson modules outline for this unit:

  • March 7th: prerecorded lesson 1 opens.  
  • March 14th: Prerecorded lesson 2 opens.
  • March 21st: Prerecorded lesson 3 opens. 
  • March 28th: *LIVE Conversation and Q&A - this is your chance to bring your projects and your questions to the virtual table for real time feedback and community support!
  • April 4th: prerecorded lesson 4 opens.  
  • April 11th: prerecorded lesson 5 opens. 
  • April 18th: prerecorded lesson 6 opens. 
  • April 25th: *LIVE LESSON - This lesson will expand on, and continue to explore, the techniques covered and allows the participant time to have follow up questions answered. 

*All LIVE lessons and Q&A will be recorded and added to the course library in the appropriate module within 48 hours. 

**Group support and community is always available to participants of my courses through our Facebook group Crystal Marie: Canary Rising

Unit 2: Big and Little: Mastering the art of working large

Not ready for the full year Six unit Deeper study? 

Purchase Unit 2, Big and Little: Mastering the art of working large as a stand alone workshop with all of the prerecorded lessons and live interactive sessions outlined above! 

**If you decide that you'd like to dive into the full year Deeper study once Big and Little is complete, I'll issue a credit equal to your Unit 2 payment towards the full Deeper year long study purchase. 
(must be redeemed within 30 days after Unit 2 ends)

$150 for this unit of study

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Deeper: A Master Class study in 52 weeks

Like what you see here and ready to jump in with both feet? 

Divided into six units, this year long course covers each of the six Master Class Courses of 2021 and builds off of them with 16 additional live sessions for a total of 52 weeks of content, allowing enough time to fully develop the ideas and concepts each one inspires. Honoring and nurturing the intuitive voice within, this course will bring about the artists fullest potential in both artistry, and depth of meaning.

$600 all six units of study
(like buying 4 and getting 2 free!)

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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