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Pensieri: Little Thoughts in Paper, Fabric, and String

Set your intentions in visual form through the creation of small studies in fabric, paper, and salvaged materials to be incorporated into your art journal or reserved for later use in larger works of art. 

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Little thoughts open the door to big imagination

That's the power of creative play

Pensieri: Little thoughts in paper, fabric, and string, covers techniques to create surface texture and design using a variety of papers, thin fabrics, and salvaged materials. Including an in depth look at both modern and traditional approaches to the Japanese art of Momigami - a process which strengthens paper, while creating a fabulous textured surface. Other surface treatments will include staining, stitching, stamping, and burning designs. 

Lesson modules outline for this unit:

  • lesson 1: This lesson covers techniques in traditional and contemporary Momigami. 5 videos in this lesson.
  • lesson 2: This lesson covers creating and using natural dyes and simple inks. 7 videos in this lesson.
  • lesson 3: This lesson continues the exploration of Momigami and Dying techniques and the combination of the two. 5 videos in this lesson.
  • Lesson 4: Recording of a live Conversation and Q&A 
  • lesson 5: This lesson explores making marks and surface design with burning techniques. 7 videos in this lesson.
  • lesson 6: This lesson covers stitching on fabric and paper. 7 videos in this lesson. 
  • lesson 7: This lesson covers layering, composing, and contemplating the elements created throughout this workshop. 5 videos in this lesson
  • Lesson 8: Recording of live lesson, expanding on the techniques covered 
  • Lesson 9: *BONUS LESSON Recorded live! Create your own Shadow or Shrine Wall art using the traditional momigami technique in a unique way!


This workshop is a self-paced course, which includes 9 lesson modules totaling 15-20 hours of video content.

Unlimited access and no deadline to finish! 

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