Encaustic Wax on Plexiglass

Learn the ins and outs of painting Encaustic Wax Painting on a clear Plexiglass surface

Luminous Layers

Playing with light as an element in the design, creating with opaque and translucent layers of paint, developing depth through collage and image combinations, oil painting and mark-making under layers, unique surface design, perspective changing, potential unlocking possibility igniting combinations.

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Gradient Radiant...


Each of the projects presented has a little different focus, all with exciting results. Lessons cover: 

  • Using plexiglass as a substrate for encaustic wax painting and why it works!
  • working with translucent and opaque layers on a clear substrate!
  • creating double sided and reverse layered designs!
  • utilizing images and collage elements!
  • drawing, painting, and mark-making on a plexiglass surface!


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Encaustic Wax on Plexiglass includes not just one, but five projects, covered in seven lesson modules with a total of 17 lesson videos. Self-paced course, no deadline to complete, and unlimited access means you can slow down and work at your own pace whenever it fits your schedule!

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