Release and Recover: A Cathartic Intuitive Voice Workshop

Release and Recover: A Cathartic Intuitive Voice Workshop

*This course is a live on location course. Please read full description and details below.
*note: a $10 supply fee due at time of workshop covers all supplies and materials.

We are coming out of a season of unprecedented isolation, returning to the spaces and communities where we used to gather, eager to return to some sense of normalcy, to regain something essential to our core that we have lost and find our path forward.

Yet, there is an underlying sense that we aren’t quite sure what it is that we’re looking for. The energy surrounding us feels like chaos and confusion, leaving us a little lost, unsure of our purpose, directionless, and blocked.

We have lost touch with our inner compass as a result of all the noise and divisiveness of the times. The thing I have come to understand as a three-cord strand of knowing, the Intuitive Voice, as unique to each individual as their own thumbprint.

 Constructed of the innate knowing we are born with, the learned knowing picked up throughout the course of our lives, and the Spirit knowing of our higher power, the Intuitive Voice is the purest, most authentic version of your own voice before all of life’s external conditioning and experiences served to block it.

In this workshop, we’ll reconnect to that vital place inside; mind, body, and spirit, through a series of mark-making exercises designed to help release the energy blocking us from hearing and understanding our own Intuitive Voice; clearing the way to a greater sense of clarity for the new year, as we say goodbye to what we want to leave behind.

  • Location: 
    Inner Haven: Spiritual and Creative Development Center
    34121 N US Hwy 45, Suite 8
    Grayslake, IL 60030
  • Date: December 11th, 2022

  • Time: 1-4pm

  • Course Fee: $75 per participant

  • Supplies and Materials fee: $10 payable to instructor at time of workshop, covers everything needed to participate except for a notebook or journal

$75.00 USD

  • I understand that this course is taught live on location at the address noted in the course description.
  • I understand this course is non-refundable, but I may transfer my seat to another individual if I am unable to attend. *(Registered participant is responsible to notify the instructor of the full name of the new participant in advance of the course [email protected] )