Recovering Your Intuitive Voice Workshop

Recovering Your Intuitive Voice Workshop

*This course is a live on location course. Please read full description and details below.

*note: a $35 supply fee due at time of workshop covers all supplies and materials. Participants are welcome to bring a lock of hair, their own or that of a loved one, to personalize the project.

More than a hunch, a sixth sense, or a gut feeling, the Intuitive Voice is a form of knowing. It is there to guide us through life and our art making, one right next step at a time. To stay connected to this knowing involves deep listening and paying attention. Not a one and done session, but an ongoing dialogue. It is a matter of trust that we know what we know.

Yet for so many of us, the connection to the Intuitive Voice has been broken or distorted. We’ve lost touch to this vital part of ourselves after a lifetime of input from external sources, creating limiting beliefs and core lies that govern our behavior, follow us into the studio and workplace, and become the voice of the Critic, throwing up blocks and inner resistance that turn our internalized limiting beliefs into a limiting reality.

This course is designed to help you recover that important connection to the Intuitive Voice, first in understanding what it truly is and how unique it is to each one of us, the fingerprint of our very own soul.

Participants will learn to reconnect to that inner dialogue in a holistic process that serves our mind, body, and spirit; identifying the voice of intuition as our guide and that of the critic which tries to block us from living the deeper, more meaningful life for which we yearn.

We’ll utilize a combination of creative practices to help connect to the intuitive flow and set our intentions for the coming year through journaling, mark-making, creativity, and somatic expression in rhythm, movement, and sound. Each participant will leave the class with a 1 or 2 handcrafted mark-making brushes and symbolic drum crafted from the ancient Japanese art of kneaded paper, adorned with their own intuitive marks.

  • Location: 
    Inner Haven: Spiritual and Creative Development Center

    34121 N US Hwy 45, Suite 8
    Grayslake, IL 60030
  • Date: January 21st and 22nd, 2023

  • Time: 10:30-4:30 each day with an hour break for lunch (a number of local dining options are available or bring your own and eat in)

  • Course Fee: $350 per participant

  • Supplies and Materials fee: $35 payable to instructor at time of workshop, covers everything needed to participate except for a notebook or journal. Participants are welcome to bring a lock of hair, either their own or a loved ones, to personalize the project.

$350.00 USD

  • I understand that this course is taught live on location at the address noted in the course description.
  • I understand this course is non-refundable, but I may transfer my seat to another individual if I am unable to attend. *(Registered participant is responsible to notify the instructor of the full name of the new participant in advance of the course [email protected] )