The Art of Physicality

A sculptural exploration of place and identity

Physicality: The quality of being closely connected in some way to the body; intensely physical orientation: predominance of the physical

Excavation Exploration

Inspired by my 2021 solo show, Landscapes: Land and Body 

Utilizing the ancient craft of Japanese Momigami, this class is equal parts process and intuition, as it seeks to create a visual and visceral experience in 3D Sculptural form. Illustrating through evocative materials, terrain which may at once be found on the land beneath one’s feet and that which covers the body.

A visual embodiment of the artist in abstract form.

Studio Details and Registration

Finding freedom in intuitive expression


Working with a salvaged, recycled, or store-bought “frame*” as the foundation of the work, I’ll guide each participant through the process of working out their design concepts to create a sculptural 3D work with any number of materials and techniques in combination with the paper layer of momigami. 

Techniques covered in this course include: Traditional momigami, experimental sculptural momigami, Intuitive stitching, wrapping, and weaving, quick dye techniques, mark-making, collaging, assemblage, and encaustic wax.

Works can be free standing or created in relief style to hang on the wall. 

Studio Details and Registration

Whether paper dominates the composition, or simply accents the work, this workshop will guide you each step of the way. From paper selection, proper attachment techniques, experimental intuitive layers and surface details that make the entire work a tactile, visceral experience for artist and viewer.

This is a live on location workshop, hosted by Studio Joy in Kansas City, MO

  • Location: 608 E. 30th Street.
  • Date: Friday March 24th-Sunday March 26th, 2023
  • Time: 9:30am-4pm
  • Cost: $500 includes supply kit and studio tools/equipment, with early bird option to split in installments (second installment due January 15th)
  •  Supply list is minimal for students and can be viewed


    * What one considers a frame for this project can be interpreted as loosely or as traditionally as desired. 

    Participants may work on small works or additional samplers alongside the main project.

**Please visit the Studio Joy website at the link below to read full studio policy and to register

Studio Details and Registration