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The ground soaked through--a writing by Jan Avellana

community creative writing poetry & prose Feb 17, 2022
The ground soaked through poem by Jan Avellana

The ground soaked through by Jan Avellana

Be Practical and her sister Be Realistic
welcome the dousing of rain
because it waters the plants,
feeds the rivers
and the birds need it so.

but I,
I welcome the rain
because it is the rain.

she with her pitter-pattering lullabye,
drop by drop on the
tin roofed houses,
and the ground,
sloshed in drunkenness.

my old dreams and
wishes are alive,
flourishing, frolicking naked,
on the ground soaked through.


Jan Avellana is a school teacher with the soul of an artist, writer. She grew up reading in dimly lit corners, a mousy, bespectacled girl who til this day, holds ferocious love of her family and friends. Jan is part fish, so you can find her in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean if she isn’t at work. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband, two sons and their dog Radar.

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